Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maple Sugaring Update

It's been about 10 days and we have brought in a little more than 60 gallons of sap. We were grateful for the cold spell the last couple of days that slowed down the flow. Today we brought in around 13 gallons so we will be boiling all day tomorrow to convert to syrup. Based on the weather forecast we anticipate another big day tomorrow.

As always, we invite anyone who knows us to come out and join us if you have the time. It does not take long to do the harvesting each day but it's fun. The kids really like playing in the woods and, on nice days, we attract quite a bit of attention from the "neighbors" walking along the Clinton river trail. We did a little impromptu educational program today with a lady who moved to Michigan from California and had never seen anyone tap trees for sap.

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