Friday, November 19, 2010


This November has been a challenging one. The community I live in has faced tremendous loss and yet God is near and, in spite of pain and suffering, we have so much to be thankful for. Tomorrow morning I will be at God's Helping Hands for the annual Christmas shopping Saturday. This will be the third or fourth year that I have taken my Diversity and Cross Cultural Psychology class to participate in this incredible day as a service project. The need is great and I anticipate a big crowd tomorrow ... both of shoppers and volunteers. Lisa Cain posted on Facebook an hour or two ago that people were already lining up ... not many people in my world can probably relate to staying all night in the cold to make sure that you have an opportunity to "shop" for Christmas gifts. It's ironic perhaps, that this amazing work was born of tragedy. So, tonight I am thankful for Brian, Lisa, Darren, Kevin and Devin Cain. I am thankful for Jeremy and Veronica King and their children. And I am so thankful that God continually resurrects joy, peace, and hope from tragedy and despair!

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